BUGS Administration

As a general principal, BUGS infrastructure should not be reliant on a single person. The website will be a Wiki that will allow all members to edit it.

Previous hosts

  • Sue Blake - web and email hosting with welearn.com.au
  • Greg Black - DNS secondary


The primary domain for BUGS is bugs.au.freebsd.org.

In order to set new nameservers, we must contact the DNS admin for au.freebsd.org who is is currently listed as David Dawes. You can check the current admin at any time by doing dig au.freebsd.org soa and examining the second phrase after “SOA”.

There have been proposals that BUGS move to a new domain under .org or .org.au (suitable names are currently available) but no agreement has been reached that this would be beneficial.

Progress on redelegation of nameservers

Sent a query to dawes@xfree86.org on 30/5 to request redelegation of nameservers.

Sent mail to the FreeBSD.org DNS admins on 30 May 2007 to ask if David is still the best person to contact for au.freebsd.org DNS administration.

FreeBSD.org DNS admins replied on 2 June with these names:

; Australia
; David Dawes <dawes@Physics.usyd.edu.au>
; Edwin Groothuis <edwin@mavetju.org>
; dawes@xfree86.org, jason@planetmirror.com
au              IN      NS      ns.xfree86.org.
                IN      NS      silk.planetmirror.com.
                IN      NS      manhattan.netleader.com.au.

Noticed that dawes must still be alive since he made an xfree86 commit on 21 May. Send another ping mail to dawes on 2 June. Also Sent a request to jason@planetmirror.com on 2 June to ask if he could assist.

Mail was not sent to Edwin since he sits on IRC with us sometimes, and I figured he would have told us by now if he could do anything. As it turns out he sent them some up to date information once, so they took his name down on their list.

Jason replied on 2 June, indicating that he would see what he could find out about the situation.

Jason replied again on 6 June. He was not able to contact dawes and is looking for an alternative contact at xfree86.org with access to DNS.

Pinged Jason on 10 June to ask if anyone from xfree86.org responded.

Jason replied on 13 June, the changes have been performed (by dawes) and the nameservers are now set to:

bugs.au.freebsd.org.    77757   IN      NS      ns3.quadrahosting.com.
bugs.au.freebsd.org.    77757   IN      NS      ns5.quadrahosting.com.
bugs.au.freebsd.org.    77757   IN      NS      ns4.quadrahosting.com.

Web server

The BUGS web server is hosted on a FreeBSD system with Quadra Hosting and the address is http://bugs.au.freebsd.org/. The control panel is accessible from https://cp.quadrahosting.com/psoft/servlet/psoft.hsphere.CP. The account is owned by Sam Lawrance. Callum Gibson has a spare set of keys.

Mailing list

On 8th October, the mailing list was returned to its permanent address at bugs@bugs.au.freebsd.org. The archive can be found at http://mailman.barnet.com.au/pipermail/bugs/. To subscribe send an email to bugs-subscribe@bugs.au.freebsd.org. If this doesn’t work, contact us on IRC.

It had been previously temporarily being hosted at http://can.welearn.com.au/mailman/listinfo/bugs.


BUGS does not currently maintain its own IRC server, although the option has been discussed in the past.

We inhabit #bugs on irc.oz.org (sometimes oz.org is down; search www.oz.org for an alternative - try them all).

An application has been placed with Freenode to register #bugs for the use of our group. The group registration form was lodged on May 29 by Sam Lawrance with an ETA of months. Try “/stats p” and ask freenode staff about progress.

We also setup a #bugs channel on OFTC (irc.oftc.net) to test the waters and as a backup. That network is properly maintained so we have a fully registered channel with op rights.

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